We are all different and special in our own ways, having a limited amount of time and energy to spend and our own desires and goals we yearn and reach towards.

There are plenty of gyms around created for different tastes and needs. At OMAklubi we wish to bring together likeminded people, who enjoy working out, value conscious and knowledgeable training and the importance of healthy dose of emotions in everyday life.

You like what OMAklubi is about, though you are not ready to join yet or start training with us?
Take a look around and get to know us! We would love to invite you for a complimentary first encounter session. We invite you to have a cop of tea or coffee while you get answers to all your questions and get to talk about your wishes, needs, goals and desires to one of our team-members. As with every first date - no pressure - the only goal of this session is to get to know each other with no strings attached.

What happens during this first encounter session?
This session is all about you! It takes about an hour of your time and you will have a chance to meet some of OMAklubi’s people, find out about our group classes, private trainings and offers, and to share your experiences, wishes and intentions. Together we can figure out how OMAklubi could support you on your journey towards your goals and dreams.

First encounter session is an opportunity for us to get to know you and for you to find out what kind of studio we are. Taking time to get to know each other will allow you to make best possible choices.

Fill out this short questionnaire and let’s arrange a get-together at OMAklubi!
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