GENERAL CONDITIONS of ‘OMA’ (OWN) Membership - Factsheet:
  • Termless 
  • Monthly fee … EUR (depends on your choices)
  • Payment for first month … EUR (depends on when you start)
  • Invoice due from 1st till 7th day of the month 
  • Each month 10 group training or gym visits 
  • Additional visits can be bought (5, 10, 20 or 50 times)
  • Discounted products -10%; discount on services based on price list. 
  • Opportunity for prepayment on the account for up to €500. 
  • Chance to put membership on hold for up to 4 weeks of vacation during one year, minimum of 1 week at a time.
  • In case of vacation - notice needs to be sent to by the end of previous month.
  • 2 workout sessions and 25% of the membership price will be deducted for every week of vacation.
  • In case of terminating the contract - notice needs to be sent to 30 days prior. 
  • Possibility to hand membership over to a substitute member on same terms by sending a notice to
  • Booking classes and services can be done via MINDBODY (app or online), e-maili or OMAklubi FB account private messages. 
  • Cancelling policy for pre-booked classes is at least 1 hour before the start (otherwise, one visit will be deducted).
  • Canceling a PT, massage, physiotherapy or a nutritional coaching session needs to be notified in advance for 24 hours otherwise, full fee of service will be required.