We believe going to gym needs to be simple and convenient, which is exactly what OMAklubi offers:

‘ONE OF US’ MEMBERSHIP                       60,00 EUR/monthly
OMAklubi membership with monthly payments and all the benefits - the most beneficial way to be part of everything OMAklubi offers with an added bonus of continuity in training:
  • 10 workout sessions every month (price for one visit 6,00 EUR)
  • additional visits for even lower price
  • 10% discount on all your favourite products 
  • best prices for personal training, massage and physiotherapist appointments

SINGLE VISIT                                   12,00 EUR
The easiest alternative for participating in any scheduled classes - pay as you go:
  • Every tenth workout at our expense - we will keep track of your visits for you (price for one visit 9,00 EUR)
  • Option of pre-purchasing a desired amount of visits.

‘HIGH FIVE' INTRODUCTORY OFFER                           25,00 EUR
For testing and checking out everything OMAklubi offers:
  • five visits (price of one visit 5,00 EUR)
  • available for use within 10 days of purchase

Personal training (duration of one session 60 minutes)
Personaalse treeningu hind sisaldab ka klubipääset, võimalik osta treeninguid ühe kaupa või neid 5 või 10 kaupa ette osta
Price for 'One of Us' members
Personal training (PT)48,00 EUR42,00 EUR
216,00 EUR189,00 EUR
432,00 EUR378,00 EUR
Our personal trainers are: Silja, Maarja, Mihkel, Maarit, Merle, Katrin, Jass, Kristiina

Massage and physiotherapy (duration of one session 45 minutes)

Price for 'One of Us' members
Physiotherapy (FT)35,00 EUR30,00 EUR
  5xFT pakett
158,00 EUR135,00 EUR
  10xFT pakett
315,00 EUR270,00 EUR
Our physiotherapysts are Mihkel and Maarit

PRICEPrice for 'One of Us'
Massage with Merle35,00 EUR30,00 EUR
158,00 EUR135,00 EUR
315,00 EUR270,00 EUR

Kui Sul on küsimusi pakettide ja/või teenuste kohta, siis kirjuta julgelt tuletrenni@omaklubi.ee