OMAKLUBI gains momentum and we invite all our friends to join us! Whether you want to ease in smoothly or to jump right in with serious goals in mind - we have you covered - there are offers ranging from ‘let’s get acquainted’ to personal trainers waiting for you.
You find more precise price list HERE yet first, take a look at some special offers:


We would love to make all your visits to OMAklubi splendid, particularly the first ones, and therefore we have created a special introductory package that allows you to experience the atmosphere and emotional trainings firsthand. 

Get an introductory offer ‘HIGH FIVE’:

  • Visit FIVE freely chosen group-training classes during 10 days (valid from the day of purchase)
  • Get a complimentary personal consultation for setting goals and finding out the best possible options to continue after your introductory offer has run out
  • sensational price of 25 EUR (which means the price of one workout is only 5 EUR)
  • this offer is available for anybody only once and is valid for 10 days

Since OMAklubi means YOUR OWN club, everything here needs to be YOUR OWN, also your membership. That is why we offer you a chance to sign up for OMAleping (YOUROWNmembership) by having a complimentary session with us to find out what a membership entails and what are your options, BOOK YOUR FIRST DATE WITH US HERE.


If you prefer to come and go as you please, OMAklubi has a following rule:
PRICE OF ONE WORKOUT - 12 EUR and every TENTH workout is at our expense!