We believe going to gym needs to be simple and convenient, which is exactly what OMAklubi offers:

‘ONE OF US’ MEMBERSHIP                       80,00 EUR/monthly
OMAklubi membership with monthly payments and all the benefits - the most beneficial way to be part of everything OMAklubi offers with an added bonus of continuity in training:
  • 10 workout sessions every month (price for one visit 8,00 EUR)
  • additional visits for even lower price
  • 10% discount on all your favourite products 
  • best prices for personal training, massage and physiotherapist appointments
  • Your very own support trainer who will be with you in everything concerning your membership

SINGLE VISIT                                   15,00 EUR
The easiest alternative for participating in any scheduled classes - pay as you go:
  • Every tenth workout at our expense - we will keep track of your visits for you (price for one visit 13,50 EUR)
  • Option of pre-purchasing a desired amount of visits.
* You can always buy 10 trainings as a package, the price for it is 125,00 EUR

‘HIGH FIVE' INTRODUCTORY OFFER                             25,00 EUR
For testing and checking out everything OMAklubi offers:
  • five visits (price of one visit 5,00 EUR)
  • available for use within 10 days of purchase

For your first ever personal trainings in OMAklubi:
  • five personal trainings (price of one visit 40 EUR)
  • available for use within 30 days of purchase


Training programs "NEW LIFE" (8 weeks)
By joining the 8 week training program you will become a member of Sports Club for that time and you will have all the benefits as the regular member
UUS ELU small group personal training program
- 16 trainings in a small group (maximum 4 people)
400,00 EUR

Personal training (duration of one session 60 minutes)
Personaalse treeningu hind sisaldab ka klubipääset, võimalik osta treeninguid ühe kaupa või neid 5 või 10 kaupa ette osta
Price for
'One of Us' members
Personal training (PT)55,00 EUR
*every 10th training free
42,00 EUR
250,00 EUR210,00 EUR
480,00 EUR420,00 EUR
Group Personal Training for 2 people 72,00 EUR
36,00 EUR/pp
 60,00 EUR
30,00 EUR/pp
   5  Group PT for 2 persons
 324,00 EUR
1 training: 32,40 EUR/pp
 270,00 EUR
1 training: 27,00 EUR/pp
   10 Group PT for 2 persons 648,00 EUR
1 training: 32,40 EUR/pp
540,00 EUR
1 training: 27,00 EUR/pp
 Group Personal Training for 3 people
96,00 EUR
32,00 EUR/pp
78,00 EUR
26,00 EUR/pp
   5 Group PT for 3 persons  432,00 EUR
1 training: 28,80 EUR/pp
 351,00 EUR
1 training: 23,40 EUR/pp
   10 Group PT for 3 persons 864,00 EUR
1 training: 28,80 EUR/pp
 702,00 EUR 1 training: 23,40 EUR/pp
Our personal trainers are: Mihkel, Maarja P, Maarja O, Merle, Janar, Karmen, Eva-Lena, Kadi

If you have any questions concerning out services and prices, don't hesitate to write to us: tuletrenni@omaklubi.ee