OMAKLUBI is a great place for training and for meeting like-minded people, who are passionate about health and wellbeing! The best possibility to get a taste of trainings with emotions is to visit our small group trainings, where we have put in the central sport safe and purposeful strength training. Additionally, our trainers have developed their own custom made trainings, that you will find in the schedule because the classes have the trainer's name in the class name.

You can go to our booking system direct from the schedule on this page. There You can register Your user and buy training passes. If you are not sure, then jsut write to us All of the booking and account management happens in OMAKLUBI's booking system  BSPORT

All classes last 55 minutes, only class POOL (meaning HALF) and HOMMIKUVIRGUTUS Sveniga (meaning MORNING WAKE-UP with Sven) last 40 minutes.

NB! TANTSIJA JÕURUUMIS (meaning DANCER IN STRENGTH ROOM) with Kadi is pre-booking only with special passes. If you wish to join with TANTSIJA JÕURUUMIS grup, then write directly to Kadi 

NB! Here you can see the current schedule for classes at OMAKLUBI. If you want to register into one or more classes then you need to have BSPORT account. As our schedule is quite big then we urge you have some patience as the list downloads - it will be worth it!
If anything is unclear then write to us or call us 509 2495.