OMAklubi offers different options for working out. There are the fun and intimate atmosphere of group fitness classes, the more personal workout under great guidance of personal trainers, and a combination of both - small group personal training sessions.

Whether your aim is to achieve better form, release stress or simply have a night off with fun and beneficial activity, we believe it is possible to reach one’s goals and achieve the best results by combining different workouts and mixing them with great emotions amongst supporting people.

The group fitness classes at OMAklubi are created to offer support, both for those beginning their training journey and also for the seasoned workout-holics.

We have built whole training concept around a central workout, the general physical conditioning, which provides our bodies a proper base for functioning and growth. In addition, group training schedule offers classes for inward reflection and relaxation (yoga) and for external emotional release and recharge (dance).

Group training at OMAklubi is divided into three separate yet complimentary groups:

Participating in personal training sessions is a smart and remarkable approach towards reaching one’s goals and feeling great. They work whether your intention is to polish your technique before joining group training classes, going after your fitness goals or simply an opportunity to have an hour for yourself and your self-development under the guidance of a professional trainer.

OMAklubi has a Strength Room, which is mainly meant for carrying through personal training sessions, but it welcomes those who have been already training without personal trainers and who have been given a program for individual workouts.  
To train in the Strength Room, you should first check our Schedule (if there is JÕURUUM class - Circuit training, then the room is booked for this class). As there might be quite a lot of personal training traffic happening during peak hours then it would be wise to contact us before to book yourself a spot in the Strength Room. You are welcomed to do that by writing to us or calling us 655 9800.