OMAklubi offers different options for working out. There are the fun and intimate atmosphere of small group training classes, the more personal workout under great guidance of our trainers.

Whether your aim is to achieve better form, release stress or simply have a night off with fun and beneficial activity, we believe it is possible to reach one’s goals and achieve the best results by combining different workouts and mixing them with great emotions amongst supporting people.

Small group training
Small group training classes at OMAklubi are created to offer support, both for those beginning of their training journey and also for the seasoned workout puffs. Our training concept is built around a general physical conditioning, which provides our bodies a proper base for functioning and growth. In addition,  You can participate in our trainers custom made classes that offer possibilities for inward reflection and relaxation and for external emotional release and recharge.
More information about OMAklubi's small group training can be found HERE.

Personal training
Participating in personal training sessions is a smart and remarkable approach towards reaching one’s goals and feeling great. Your goal might be going after your fitness goals, polish your technique before joining small group training classes or simply an opportunity to have an hour for yourself and your self-development under the guidance of a professional trainer.  You can participate in personal trainings on Your own or in group personal training sessions for 2-3 persons.
More information about OMAklubi's personal trainings can be found HERE. 

Individual training in STRENGTH ROOM
OMAklubi has also so called STRENGTH ROOM, which is mainly meant for carrying through personal training sessions, but it welcomes those who have been already training without personal trainers and who have been given a program for individual workouts.  The precondition for training individually in our Strength Room is to have a TUGI TREENERIGA (SUPPORT FROM TRAINER) package, where our trainer guides You through Your individual trainings. 
To train in the Strength Room, you should first check our small group training classes schedule (e.g. if there is JÕURING/CIRQUIT TRAINING class, then the room is booked for this class) and we only can offer the room off-peak hours. 
More information about training individually in OMAklubi can be found HERE.

You can also use Your STEBBY credit to pay for OMAklubi's services and membership, just let us know about it, so we can deduct Your account or if you wish then you can just buy it in STEBBY Yourself.