The basis for our bodies feeling well and functioning properly is a conscious, safe and well planned general physical conditioning, which not only improves the form and health yet also gives great starting point to practice, play and enjoy any other sport or training.

Namely, this is why the centre pillar of training at OMAklubi (let’s call it the SPINE) is strength and endurance training. General   physical conditioning suits everybody (you only need to choose the fitting load and level) and it’s perfect for starting out and creating your exercise habits.
To make sure it is easy to navigate in our group training schedule, we have named our general conditioning classes according their levels ONE-TWO-THREE (ÜKS-KAKS-KOLM) or you can take part in the circuit training in Strength Room called JÕURING.

We recommend everybody starting out at OMAklubi to begin with some sessions either with our personal trainers or physiotherapists, especially if it has been a while since the last workout session. Learning exercises from the basic to more advanced with a help of a trainer or therapist will allow your body to create perfect moving patterns and technique and you learn to choose a safe yet challenging workout loads.