Would like to learn more about OMAklubi or would  feel more confident if you had talked to someone before coming to the club?

Now you can arrange a time when OMAtrainer will call you on the phone or make a ZOOM call.
This is a good and quick way to get to know each other and to map out your expectations!
During this 15-minute call, you can talk to our OMAtrainer about your training goals and, of course, we try to answer your questions about the OMAklubi. Choose a time that suits you and we are already waiting to communicate with you!

IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR BOOKING: You can book up to 48 hours in advance, i.e. now you can see the first appointments two days;) You can cancel the appointment up to 24 hours before the appointment.

  • choose FREE CALL WITH OMATREENER - the form may take some time to load; 
  • if you do not know which OMAtrainer you want to talk to, leave the option "all trainers" and the selection will be made automatically; 
  • if you want a specific trainer, choose his name from the schedule; 
  • first you will see free time slots, from there you can choose a morning, lunch or evening slot and then you can already book a suitable time; 
  • create a user in the BSPORT system (if you don't have one yet) and confirm your arrival; 
  • to confirm your reservation, select " FREE CALL WITH OMATREENER" service - don't worry, as the name says, the money is not cashed out; 
  • press "Confirm my basket" and you're ready! 
  • And all you have to do is wait for OMAtrainer to contact you. 

If you have any questions, you can always write to tuletrenni@omaklubi.ee