• Small group training membership  90,00 EUR
    • includes 8 small group trainings in a month
    • includes up to 28 small group trainings in a month 
    200,00 EUR
    • includes SUPPORT FROM TRAINER program and up to 28 individual trainings in Strength Room 
  • 2 PERSONAL TRAININGS in a month  110,00 EUR
    • includes 2 personal trainings in a month 
  • 4 PERSONAL TRAININGS in a month   200,00 EUR
    • includes 4 personal trainings in a month
  • 8 PERSONAL TRAININGS in a month    360,00 EUR
    • includes 8 personal trainings in a month


Members of OMAklubi Sports Club are called OMAs. To become a a member of the club, You have the opportunity to compile membership that suits Your wishes, opportunities and needs.
To learn more about our membership options is to come for the first date, you can find more information HERE. 

ONE OF THE OMAs membership package includes in standar version 8 small group trainings and monthly membership fee is 90,00 EUR, but you have the opportunity to compile the membership out of small geoup trainings and/or personal trainings, there are only few rules:
- minimal monthly fee has to be 90,00 EUR;
- small group trainings can be in a set of 0, 4 (45,00 EUR) or 8 (90,00 EUR);
- additionally we will give you free 2 trainer's custom made small group classes (as a gift from us)
- personal training in a membership costs 45,00-55,00 EUR (depending on the monthly amount);
- group personal training in a membership costs 65,00-75,00 EUR (depending on the monthly amount);
- SUPPORT FROM TRAINER (TUGI TREENERIGA) individual training support costs 60,00 EUR;
- individual trainings in Strength Room can be in a set of 0, 6 (45,00 EUR) or 12 (90,00 EUR) - pre-condition is the addition of SUPPORT WITH TRAINER.
- mambership monthly fee can be calculated with our calculator HERE.
Example: You wish to come twice a month to personal training and participate in 4 small group trainings
Your membership monthly fee will be 2x55,00 + 45,00 = 155,00 EUR.
NB! All members receive 10% discount on products sold in the club. You will also get 6 weeks of vacation in a calender year. 
You can look at the general conditions HERE.


Offer for those who wish to have the least hussle with invoices and/or to train even more cheaply.
You can now have an annual membership and only pay for 10 months. 

how does it work?
- compile suitable ONE OF OMA's memberships, but if you want to make a payment for the whole year then You only pay for 10 months. 
- you control the usage of the whole amount of annual trainings, so come and use them as you wish during the year.
- all other mebership benefits also work for You.
- ONE OF OMAs packge costs 90,00 EUR and consists of 8 small group classes
- for annual membership You receive 96 training credits
- annual fee is 900,00 EUR (which mean one month is only 75,00 EUR)