Further below you can familiarize yourself with the general terms and conditions applicable to OMAklubi Sports Club members and trainees, but firstly a brief overview of the main instructions on how to train smoothly at OMAklubi:

  • OMAklubi Sportiklubi services can be used on the principle of advance payment, payments can be made
    • in the BSPORT system by credit card,
    • by bank transfer,
    • using STEBBY credit,
    • in the club in cash or by card;
  • Participation in small group training can be canceled no later than 1 hour before the start of the training, otherwise the training session is considered used;
  • Participation in personal training can be booked no later than 24 hours before the training takes place, otherwise the training session is considered used;
  • Small group training takes place if at least 3 participants have registered 60 minutes before the start of the class (for early morning trainings, at least 2 participants by 23:00 the night before).

  • In general, OMAklubi Sports Club membership is unlimited and is calculated on the basis of a 4-week cycle (exact cycle times can be found here);
  • The membership package and accompanying services and the invoice will be credited to the member's account in the BSPORT system on the first day of the cycle;
  • Membership can also be applied for a 12-week period (three 4-week cycles);
  • The small group training sessions, SUPPORT FROM TRAINER program and independent training sessions provided in the membership package must be used within 4 weeks, personal training sessions and group personal training sessions within 8 weeks - training sessions cannot be extended;
  • A club member can take 8 weeks of paid leave in a calendar year - information about the leave must be sent to the e-mail tuletrenni@omaklubi.ee or an application must be filled out at the club, no later than a week before the start of the new calculation period;
  • BSPORT is the account management and booking system for OMAklubi Sportiklub member;
  • Every club member and club trainer must provide the e-mail address they use to use the system - information about reservations, cancellations and invoices will be there;
  • The club member gets a 10% discount on all products on sale in OMAklubi;
  • The membership contract can be terminated with 30 days' notice by sending an application to the e-mail tuletrenni@omaklubi.ee

  • When training in OMAklubi with separate credits (10x personal trainings, 10x small group trainings, 25x small group trainings, etc.), their validity period is four cycles (16 weeks) from the first training. It is not possible to extend the validity of the packages.
  • Trial packages are valid for: FIRST WEEK 7 days, FIRST FIVE and FIRST FIVE TOGETHER 30 days from the first training, the validity of trial packages cannot be extended.
  • If an OMAklub member buys additional training sessions outside of the package (10 additional personal training sessions, 10 additional small group training sessions, 25 additional small group training sessions, etc.), they are valid for six cycles (24 weeks), the validity period of additional packages cannot be extended.

Terms and conditions of the membership contract of Omaklubi Sports Club (part of membership contract)

These terms and conditions of the contract are integral part of the contract and regulate legal relationships between Omaklubi Sports Club (hereinafter „the club“) and the person accepted as its member (hereinafter „member“, „person“ or „OMA“).

 1. The person has submitted an application for becoming a member of the club by submitting the data provided on the title page of the contract and signing the contract/application. The contract will take force upon admission of the person into the club as a member and will remain valid without a term. The person has been admitted into the club as a member, when representative of the club has signed the contract/application.

2. The amount of monthly fee paid by the member to the club pursuant to the contract is specified on the title page of the contract and any other fees are specified in the price list of the club. If the member has active SportID account and in the contract the member has authorized the club to debit the contractual monetary obligations of the member from their SportID account, the club will exercise such right in extent of the available balance of SportID account of the member. In the remaining portion, the member is obliged to pay to the club according to the procedure specified in the contract or agreed separately between the parties.

3. For the monthly fee, the member is entitled to attend trainings in a calendar month as agreed on the title page of the contract. Trainings take place at the location of the club at the address specified on the title page of the contract, or at any other place specified by the club and notified to the members of the club. The club shall publish data about the offered trainings in the timetable displayed on their web page and through the app „BSPORT“, which the club is entitled to amend unilaterally from time to time.

4. In case of exceeding the training volume entitled for the monthly fee, the member can pay for additional visits based on the valid price list of the club.

5. The club is entitled to amend the price list unilaterally. The club will notify the members of any amendments in the price list via e-mail (using the address specified in the contract) and publish the changes on their web page and in social media. If the member does not agree with the amendments in the price list, they are entitled to terminate the contract with one month advance notice, by sending relevant application to the e-mail address of the club, after which the contract will be terminated in 30 days after the receipt of the application.

6. Personal trainings not used in a calendar month can be used during the next month. Personal trainings cannot be postponed for a longer period. 

7. Benefits are valid for the member in case of use of other services offered by the club (including personal trainings, physiotherapy, massage, training sessions, seminars, etc). Prices of services of the club, including prices for members (OMA prices), are specified in the price list of the club.

8. A member of the club is entitled to 10% (ten percent) price reduction upon purchase of products sold by the club.

9. The member can pay for products and services offered by the club immediately in cash or with a bank card, or transfer the purchases onto their personal credit account, which is opened automatically for the member when the contract takes force. Maximum amount of the credit account is 300 Euros, if the club and the member have not agreed mutually to apply any other sum. No interest is added to the price of services transferred to the credit account, annual percentage rate is 0%.

10. The club will submit a prepayment invoice for the monthly fee due pursuant to the contract to the member on the first day of every month. If the member has used additional services in the previous month or purchased any products, which are transferred to the credit account of the member, their cost will be added to the invoice of the next month.

11. The member undertakes to pay the invoice submitted to them in 7 days, or if a longer term of payment is specified on the invoice, then by the term specified on the invoice. If the member is late with the payment of invoice without a sound reason, the club is entitled to request from the member late interest in amount of 0.02% of the overdue sum for each day exceeding the term of payment. If the member has been late with the payment of invoice for more than 30 days, this will be considered serious violation of the contract and the club is entitled to terminate the contract immediately, sending the termination notice to the e-mail address of the member and issuing also the final invoice in the sum of services/products transferred to the credit account.

12. If a member is admitted within a calendar month, the fee for the current month is calculated based on the number of days remaining until the end of the month, and the number of trainings offered for the fee due for the first month is calculated on similar basis.

13. The member can take leave up to 6 (six) weeks in a calendar year. Minimum length of a leave period is 1 (one) week. Upon use of each week of leave, 3 trainings and 25% of monthly fee will be deducted from the current month. The member must notify the club of the request for leave by sending relevant application to the e-mail address tuletrenni@omaklubi.ee not later than by the end of the month preceding to the leave, or fill in relevant application in the club. Based on the relevant information, settlement of accounts will be performed from the due invoice of the next month. If the request for leave is not submitted in the month preceding to the leave, the leave pay and trainings will be deducted from the fee of next month.

14. The member may terminate the contract any time by sending relevant application 30 days before expiration of the contract to the e-mail address of the club tuletrenni@omaklubi.ee or filling relevant application in the club. Settlement of the last contractual monthly fee and trainings will be performed according to the same principle as in case of admission to the club within a month (see clause 12 of the contract).

15. In order to participate in trainings and use the services offered in the club, the member must register to the requested session or service in online booking system of the club BSPORT, via e-mail or by sending relevant notice to the mailbox of Facebook account of the club.

16. The member must take into account that in case of late registration or non-registration the training may be fully booked and membership does not always ensure the possibility for training at the requested time. Registration to training can be cancelled not later than 1 (one) hour before the beginning of the training. In case of later notice, booking will be counted as participation in training.

17. The club must be notified of withdrawal from services not later than 24 (twenty four) hours before the booked time. In case of later notice, booking will be considered active and the member must pay for the service according to the conditions and procedure specified in the contract.

18. By signing the contract, the person confirms that they authorize the club to process the personal data submitted by the person to the club in the contract. The processor of personal data is non-profit association Omaklubi Sports Club (registry code:80548605) and data are processed with the purpose of performing the contract, providing and offering services to the person, and conducting mutual settlements.

19. Use of services of the club is based on free will and own responsibility of the member. By signing the contract, the person confirms that the activities offered by the club do not endanger their health and are not contra-indicated for them for any other reason. During use of the services offered by the club, the person shall supervise their state of health, bear all responsibility for it and consult with a physician, if necessary. Among other things, the club is not responsible for any possible accidents, injuries or illness of the person, or preservation of personal belongings stored in the premises of the club, including lost or stolen items or items damaged by third persons.

20. The club is entitled to close their premises temporarily for conducting events or performing maintenance or repair, of which the club notifies the members via e-mail and further publishes relevant information on their web page as well as in social media (e.g. Facebook account).

21. Valid legal acts of the Republic of Estonia regulate the legal relationships arising from the contract.