OMAKLUBI is a rendezvous point for many remarkable people. Our team consists of excellent group-fitness and dance coaches, personal trainers, massage and physiotherapist.

SVEN IDARAND - owner-organiser, group-fitness
REESI KALLAS - group-fitness
MAARJA PÜTSEP - personal training, group-fitness
MIHKEL KURESOO - personal training,  group-fitness
MERLE ANTSON - personal training, massage
JANAR SÄÄSK - personal training
EVA-LIIS AVAKIVI - group fitness
MAARJA OITSALU - personal training, group fitness
MARTIN PUKSPUU - personal training, group fitness
EVA-LENA RAENOK - group fitness, personal training
ANJA KÄGO - group fitness
KADI AARE - personal training, group fitness