If you already have an OMAklubi Uus-Veerennn training package, then you are welcome to the studio!

As our room is cozy,  but small in size, we want it to be comfortable for everyone, so it is important that you book your training time. We have considered up to 6 people to train in the club at the same time, so write down the time period that suits you; you can choose between three training lengths when booking:
  • 40-minute faster training 
  • 60-minute classic training 
  • 90-minute longer intensive training 

Of course, we don't count specific minutes as long training sessions, but it helps us all take into account the number of people in the room when planning our workouts.

Our training reservation system is BSPORT, where in addition to Uus Veerenni studio trainings, you can choose small group training in our Luther strength hall, buy products and check the status of your membership account. But you can also book a training session from this page (you can log in now).

NB! You can even book a workout right before you come to the studio, but please note when canceling that you can do it up to 2 hours before coming. Be good and be careful when canceling training sessions, because maybe other OMAs want to come to the hall just then. If you have "missed" three training sessions (booked, left uncancelled and have not arrived),  your package may be subject to a one-week forced break.

Another important thing to remember is that the club is open every day from 6:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m., so the workout you choose must fit within that time frame, i.e. it must be finished by 11:00 p.m., because then the room goes into security mode and the lights turn off. The system does not allow you to choose such times, but keep in mind that if the workout threatens to become longer, you still have to stop to take a nap.

  • select "UUS-VEERENNI INDEPENDENT TRAINING / INDIVIDUAL TRAINING IN UUS-VEERENNI" and from there immediately the appropriate training length - either 40, 60 or 90 minutes; 
  • first of all, you will see the free times (Time slot), from there you can choose a morning, lunch or evening time slot, and then you can book a suitable time; 
  • next, you need to log in with your BSPORT user and confirm your arrival; 
  • to confirm the reservation, you can immediately choose your package order - if there is something wrong, then write to us at uusveerenni@omaklubi.ee; 
  • press "Confirm my basket" and you're ready! And all you have to do is come and have a nice workout. 

Of course, if it's difficult or something doesn't work, you can always write to us at uusveerenni@omaklubi.ee and we'll arrange a separate meeting!